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Middle-School Art Assignment 2: Two Point Perspective Drawing

The Two-Point Perspective Drawing Assignment, required the Art students to illustrate a street-corner through the application of two-point perspective.

Imagination and creativity were integral for the illustration of these two-point perspective drawings, as the Art students had to incorporate buildings, roads, and other interesting details on street blocks such as lamp posts, people, trash bins, street food, interaction between caricatures and much more. Some of the ‘thematic ideas’ from which the students had to find their artistic inspiration, included ‘Underwater’, ‘Theme-Park’, ‘China Town’, ‘Animé’, ‘Pokémon’, ‘Futuristic’, ‘Candy Land’ and ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.

Other requirements related to the Two-Point Perspective Drawing Assignment which had to be met by the Art students, were producing highly intricate drawings which had to be either shaded or coloured; watching tutorial videos that were provided to the Art students on Google Classroom before getting started; individually researching and investigating examples of two-point perspective drawings for inspirational purposes; drawing preliminary planning sketches prior to creating their final-drafts; drawing converging lines very lightly so that they were easily erasable without leaving a trace on the final sketch papers; using a ruler; drafting their final drawings on A4 size papers; and deciding upon clear thematic subject matters for the depiction of their street-corner scenes.

Some self-reflection questions which the Art students had to keep in mind while they were busy conducting their preliminary-sketches and executing their final drawings, were: ‘Does my drawing have a horizon line?’; ‘Does my drawing have two vanishing-points?’; ‘Are my convergence lines correctly connected to the vanishing points?’; ‘Did I use a ruler to draw perfectly straight convergence lines?’; ‘Are my convergence lines properly erased?’; ‘Is the final product, neat, and fully developed?’; ‘Is my artwork kept in a professional manner? (Not folded or crumpled.)’; ‘Is my final drawing highly detailed and can I add anything to improve upon what I see?’; ‘Does the artwork have a clear and creative theme?’

The Two-Point Perspective Drawing Assignment was therefore very helpful in the development of increased concentration abilities, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking and creative imagination.

Two-Point Perspective Drawing Assessment Criteria:

A.)-Knowledge and Understanding:

a.1)-How accurate is the application of two-point perspective within the final drawing? (For example: Are two vanishing points present? Are the convergence lines correctly connected? Are all the lines straight?)
a.2)-Were ‘variety’ applied within the illustration of buildings?
a.3)-Does the two-point perspective drawing contain intricate details
a.4)-Did the student demonstrate thorough planning?
a.5)-Did the student present a creative and original theme?


b.1)-Did the student submit a completed, neat, and fully developed artwork with a theme? (Ruler used, not folded, convergence lines erased, etc.)
b.2)-Did the student illustrate all the objects and figures seen within the two-point perspective drawing, in a professional manner?
b.3)-Did the student apply the drawing techniques that were studied in class, with a high degree of effectiveness?