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High-School Art Assignment 5: Stencil Design / Tattoo Design

This Art Assignment provided students with the option of either creating their own unique Stencil Designs /or Tattoo Designs.

Great emphasis was placed upon the experimentation of negative -and positive spaces, as well as the arrangement thereof. Additionally, the Art students were faced with challenging decision-making processes regarding the application of either geometric shapes /or organic shapes, while simultaneously being required to incorporate a minimum of two Principles of Design within their artworks. (The Principles of Design are: ‘balance’, ‘rhythm’, ‘movement’, ‘pattern’, ‘repetition’, ‘emphasis’, ‘contrast’, ‘unity’, ‘variety’, ‘proportion’, ‘hierarchy’ & ‘white space’.)

Due to the difficulty of carving out detailed shapes from thick carboards with N.T. Cutters and Design Knives, the Art students had to find creative ways of simplifying certain parts of their designs, to ensure that the carving processes were successful. Yet at the same time, they had to maintain a high degree of quality within their Stencil Designs /or Tattoo Designs.

Once the Stencil Designs /or Tattoo Designs were neatly carved out and all the edges of the carvings were refined, they were then fastened onto bright A3 colour papers with masking tape and spray-painted in black.

The Stencil Design /or Tattoo Design Assignment not only presented the Art students with a great opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge about Design Principles in a practical manner, but also aided the development of their problem-solving and fine-motor skills.

Stencil Design Assessment Criteria:

A.)-Thinking & Inquiry:

a.1)-Does the student use planning and processing skills to create an interesting composition?
a.2)-Does the student successfully convey his /or her overall theme and concept to the viewer?


b.1)-Does the student successfully arrange and apply principles of design within his /or her stencil design?
b.2)-Does the student successfully apply geometric /or organic shapes & patterns, within his /or her stencil design?
b.3)-Does the student apply personal creativity and originality within his /or her stencil design?
b.4)-Does the student create a visually intricate and interesting artwork?

b.5)-Does the student produce neatly carved work?
b.6)-Does the student complete the stencil design, within the given time-frame provided?


c.1)-Is the student able to reflect upon his /or her final design in a meaningful manner, while applying the appropriate art terminology
c.2)-Is the student able to express what he /or she could improve upon, next time around?