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High-School Art Assignment 2: Poem Portrait Drawing

The Poem Portrait Drawing Assignment, requires students to do some personal introspection and self-reflection regarding which adjectives and other descriptive words describe their truest personality-traits and character-traits best, versus potential mis-interpretative labels that others may have placed upon them. Furthermore, the Art students had to reflect upon the targeted messaging insinuated and suggested by advertising agencies, which have been directly aimed at influencing the thoughts, perspectives, interpretations, world-views, values, belief-systems and decisions made by adolescents.

Once these targeted messages were identified and discussed in class, the students had to try and separate any false beliefs regarding themselves which they may have adopted, (due to a variety of external and negative influences), from the true attributes which define them as individuals. Throughout the process of self-analysis and self-investigation, the students realized that mere words and labels cannot restrict their personal choices going forward, neither the limitless potential they each possess to become the very best version of themselves.

As the Art students engaged in personal-reflection, they each had to brainstorm which two contradicting versions of themselves they wanted to portray in a two-piece artwork. In order to best express their thoughts, students were required to incorporate poems, lyrics of songs, inspirational texts /or any other descriptive words within their final Poem Portrait Artworks. In addition, they had to select typographic styles which most successfully conveyed the general theme /or atmosphere for both parts of their two-piece artworks.

The overall composition, layout, planning, visual communication, and intricacy of these Poem Portrait Drawings, were integral components that required in-depth consideration, to produce authentic and expressive artworks successfully, which engages the viewer.

Poem Portrait Drawing Assessment Criteria:

A.) Knowledge and Understanding:

a.1)-Does the student demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the relevant Art Theory such as key concepts and key terminology which applies to this drawing assignment?

B.) Thinking and Inquiry:

b.1)-Does the student incorporate the ‘Principles of Design’ in his /or her planning, through the application of critical thinking skills such as ‘problem-solving-skills’ and ‘creativity’?

C.) Communication:

c.1)-Does the student select and visually communicate words, lyrics /or prose successfully?

D.) Application:

d.1)-Does the student apply ‘value’ and create ‘visual weight’ through the use of different typographic styles –and by overlapping text to create the illusion of ‘shape’?
d.2)-Does the student select and apply suitable typographic styles that visually communicates the message and theme of the overall artwork?