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High-School Art Assignment 6: Figure Sculpture

The Figure Sculpture Assignment, required the Art students to construct a figure from paper-clay which had to be both free-standing and suggestive of a particular movement.

The two most important aspects related to the formal assessment of these Figure Sculptures, were their ability to balance and stand upright, (without falling down), as well as their ability to mimic a specific action, with visual clarity.

[Potential actions suggested /or mimicked by these Figure Sculptures included: jumping, running, balancing, dancing, praying, bowing, waving, pulling, pushing, hiding, spying /or peeping, playing, throwing, catching, swinging, laughing, crouching, rolling, screaming, falling, reading and so forth.]

In regards to the technical and practical execution of these Figure Sculptures, great emphasis was placed upon individual artistic creativity, problem-solving-skills and the neat application of toothpicks, cotton ear-buds, needles and use of minimal water, in order to produce visually refined end products.

Figure Sculpture Assessment Criteria:

A.)-Thinking & Inquiry:

a.1)-Did the student apply planning and processing skills, to design an original & interesting sculptural composition?
a.2)-Did the student successfully create a figure sculpture that is structurally sound & is able to remain upright?
a.3)-Did the student clearly convey his /or her overall theme & visual concept to the viewer? 


b.1)-Is the student able to effectively communicate regarding his /or her process of planning, problem-solving strategy & sculptural successes /or failures with meaning and clarity? 


c.1)-Did the student’s sculpture suggest movement to a high degree?
c.2)-Did the student apply personal creativity & originality within his /or her figure sculpture? 

c.3)-Did the student produce neat work and successfully complete his /her figure sculpture within the given time-frame?