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Elementary Art Assignment 4: ‘The Evolution Of The Telephone Over Time’.

The following Elementary Art Assignment titled, ‘The Evolution Of The Telephone Over Time’, was designed to help young students understand the difference between ‘discoveries’ and ‘inventions’; objectively comparing complex inventions to simple inventions; and investigating how inventions are either designed to ‘keep people safe’, ‘make life more convenient’, ‘save time’ or ‘simplify work’.

In this particular assignment, we took a closer look at how Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, evolved over time. Furthermore, we also discussed how the invention of the telephone, (with all of its technological advancements and improvements), benefits the world today.

A few key-points of our class-discussion included the following:

a)-Anything new or different in the world which have been made by people, can be referred to as an ‘invention’.
b)-Inventions are created to help make the lives of people easier and better.
c)-Many inventions were designed to increase productively and to improve the quality of various foods.
d)-Other inventions were specifically designed to solve problems and the purpose of some inventions, are to keep people safe.
e)-People who create inventions, are called ‘Inventors’.
f)-Inventors can be any age, can come from any cultural background and can live anywhere in the world.
g)-An Inventor can be anyone who wants to help improve living quality.
h)-People have been creating inventions for hundreds of years.
i)-Most Inventors need to revaluate their plans over a long period of time and often fail many times, before their inventions are successfully perfected and work the right way.
j)-Once an invention is successful, an Inventor needs to get a patent for his /or her invention. A patent makes sure that no other individual can copy the Inventor’s original idea. Furthermore, obtaining a patent means that the Inventor can now sell his /or invention, in order to earn a profit.
k)-Inventions can be changed and upgraded over time, while improving the original design of an invention makes it more user-friendly /or more effective.
l)-Alexander Graham Bell designed the telephone in 1876, because he wanted to create a fast way of communicating with others situated far away. Ultimately, his success enabled people from all over the world to communicate more quickly. In other words, many others benefited from his invention of the telephone.
m)-Continual improvements of the telephone, caused telephones to cost less which in return enabled many people to own one in their homes. Years later, cell phones and smart phones, now allow people to take their phones with them wherever they go.

In regards to the oil pastel drawings themselves, the Art students viewed a wide variety of colour-prints containing various models of telephones, and selected preferred reference-images of their personal choice, to base their final illustrations on. This drawing assignment in particular, was decorative style and provided the Elementary Art students with an opportunity to be spontaneous in their creativity.