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Welcome to my Art Portfolio Website

I am a Visual Arts Teacher of humble origins with a true passion for learning and a genuine desire to help my Art students discover and develop their creative and innovative thinking-abilities. I do this through means of engaging them in expressive, conceptual Visual Arts activities, which often requires detailed planning and the application of problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, I continually strive to learn alongside my Art students and to develop my own arts-related knowledge, as well as my practical Visual Arts techniques and teaching strategies.

The following quote by the American philosopher John Dewey has greatly inspired my educational perspectives in which he stated that, “Education is not preparation for life; education itself is life”.

In agreement with Dewey, unlocking the full potential of students from differing cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, provides them with motivation and equips them with skillsets to become life-long learners, who may excel far beyond their greatest expectations.

As an educator, I consistently aim to demonstrate this philosophy within my personal learning journey, as I cannot effectively guide students to creative and educational destinations, which I am unwilling to travel myself.

In context to these educational convictions, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy viewing a selection of my students’ artworks, which serves as a testament to both their hard work and willingness to engage in personalized self-discovery.